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  • The Complete Suicide Squad Movie Storyline

    Comic book characters always bring fun moments! The American government is involved in the story and its secret agency has many axes to grind. Get imprisoned super-villains to carry out dangerous foul deeds against the enemies! Clemency comes in exchange. Amanda Waller runs ARGUS that creates the Suicide Squad to execute terrible jobs and get shorter prison terms in exchange. Suicide Squad would be equipped with mighty arsenals in missions to take on the darkest entities. In utter secrecy, US Intelligence Officer Amanda puts together the contrasting and loathsome group of individuals who are far-gone and live for nothing. Yet we wait to see what finally happens when it fails... Will they endeavor to die failing or live for themselves, one at a time?

    SUicide Squad in Prison

    Hyper drama is assured as you watch suicide squad and struggle with worthy characters of comic books. Action movies do keep us glued to the seats and the DC Comics and Warner Bros spectacle should be immensely worth watching to feed a universal appetite for the violent, the gory and the spell binding. We know the rave characters already in the form of Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the Joker. Lex Luthor and Rick Flagg too will comprise some outstanding movie action when it finally comes along. Suicide Squad full movie will prove to be unforgettable!

  • The Release Date Fast Approaches for the Suicide Squad Full Movie

    As rave audiences get ready to watch suicide squad, let us know the great filmmakers! Zack Snyder is the Executive Producer while David Ayer directed the crime and fantasy film SUICIDE SQUAD. Steven Price brings us the awesome music. Viola Davis steps into the shoes of Intelligence Officer Amanda Waller, who has been commissioned to put together a group of perilous thick-skinned villains. Margot Robbie enacts Harley Quinn and Will Smith is Deadshot who will take on the clandestine duty. The other great actors are Jared Leto as The Joker, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress and Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang. Several other unique characters captivate fan consciousness in the Suicide Squad full movie.

    Can’t wait to watch suicide squad? August 5 is not so far when diehard fans of anti-hero movies based on comic characters would get to witness the Suicide Squad full movie legitimately. In the age of the internet, things keep being leaked and perhaps you already got a taste of things to come, like the trailer. DC Comics should be doing great when the sensation finally happens. Comic character based anti-hero films have been doing rather well as blockbuster movies and video and online games. We survive on sensations, do we not, in real life and the screen?

  • Characters and Actors of Suicide Squad

    Learn About the Major Characters in Suicide Squad

    Will Smith appearing in Suicide Squad full movie

    Deadshot / Will Smith

    Will Smith plays the super-villain that he rarely did through his career but was fascinated by the character who finds justification for killing for payment. In a world of super-villains, the Suicide Squad acme is Floyd Lawton or Deadshot, who never misses the target. An ultra assassin to inhabit the DC Universe, we know Deadshot through the cyber eye, instrumental to his unerring aim. Once hired, find the target he will. A death wish is a spectacular ending perhaps in a dangerous situation though not through suicide. While Deadshot wears the facemask in several scenes, some shots do show the face. Superhero movies like Spiderman often show the truth without the mask! You will watch it all in Suicide Squad full movie.

    Amanda Waller - Watch Suicide Squad

    Viola Davis / Amanda Waller

    Rather than being male dominated like many action movies, Amanda Waller or The Wall puts together the Suicide Squad in Suicide Squad full movie. Amanda organized many entities in the DC Universe like the Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans. She may not possess superpowers but she is a true patriot. She can be ruthless and does not hesitate to eliminate super-villains or super-heroes, far beyond Nick Fury.


    Viola Davis plays Amanda Waller. The character from the comic transfers well into the screen with all the bite. We will get to see more of the Emmy Award potential actor in the DC Universe cinematically speaking since she has signed three further movies.

    Suicide Squad full movie - The Joker

    The Joker - Jared Leto

    Jared Leto is the fourth actor to portray the Batman mighty enemy on silver screens. Yet the role of The Joker in the Suicide Squad full movie plot is unclear. The Joker appears a terrible fantasy indeed and plays his part rather methodically, by the book, shall we say. On the other hand, reports suggest that The Joker remains passive through most of the film, as if underground. It appears that Amanda Waller put him in some dungeon and forgot about him.

    Watch Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad

    Harley Quinn / Margot Robbie

    A character invented in 1992 for Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn now debuts live and in action 24 years on. Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum before becoming friendly with The Joker. After being in Batman, Harley has been extending far into the DC world. She has now become a primary Suicide Squad member. Margot Robbie turns in a mighty performance in the role. Costume, voice and characteristics echo every facet of the comic world. Sure, she played in The Wolf of Wall Street too. Nothing will equal Suicide Squad full movie.

    Watch Suicide Squad full movie online

    Rick Flag / Joel Kinnaman

    He is going places indeed as a disciplined, patriotic soldier with strategy on his mind, willing to work with hateful villains. Rick Flag appeared in shows such as Justice League Unlimited and Smallville besides the animated movie Justice League: The New Frontier. Joel Kinnaman who acted in The Killing and Robocop plays the part. He will do a lot for the Suicide Squad destiny.

    enchantress suicide squad

    Enchantress / Cara Delevingne

    Among the least known of the Suicide Squad members, the origin of Enchantress lies with teenager June Moore who attended a costume party. She discovered a secret passage at Terror Castle and a demon told her that she would become a mythical hero. She utters the word Enchantress and changes into a hero with magic at the fingertips. Yet June became a criminal and reached the Suicide Squad to keep evil in control.


    Cara Delevingne who plays Enchantress earlier did Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina and The Face of an Angel. Not much is told yet about the part and so we will wait and see.

    Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad

    Captain Boomerang / Jai Courtney

    Though performing earlier and taking to crime, George "Digger" Harkness accomplished a boomeranging skill as a child in Australia. Enemy of The Flash, Boomerang hangs out regularly with Suicide Squad. He sometimes did nothing but watched things going on, and enraged colleagues with racist talk. Australian actor Jai Courtney enacts the villain and his earlier roles were in Divergent, A Good Day To Die Hard and Terminator Genisys. Watch him come to life in Suicide Squad full movie.

  • Get to Know the Characters

    Before You Watch Suicide Squad, Get Familiar With the Characters!

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    The Trio

    The big guns of this thrilling action story would be Harley Quinn, Deadshot and The Joker.

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    Before Quinn?

    Dr. Harleen F. Quinzel was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum.


    When she discovered The Joker, she immediately grew obsessed with him and immediately began conducting sessions to analyze him.

    Suicide Squad full movie

    Failed Murder

    Deadshot failed by trying to assassinate someone.


    He would have succeeded, had Harley Quinn not interfered.

    Suicide Squad full movie

    The Joker...

    Psychotic clown and perennial favourite, The Joker remains confined in a prison cell almost all the time, like Hannibal Lecter, but something mysterious happens later. Watch Suicide Squad full movie to see what happens!

    Suicide Squad online

    The Mission

    The deadly mission the group is busy with involves stopping Lex Luther from reaching potent bio-weaponry, represented by the Enchantress, loaded with magical skills.

    Suicide Squad online


    Enchantress, kidnapped and taken underground, will face the likes of King Shark, an unwholesome genetic freak.

  • Common Questions About Suicide Squad

    Here Are Some of the Most Asked Questions ABout Suicide Squad Full Movie

    Does The Joker really get to escape in the Suicide Squad full movie story?

    When you watch suicide squad, Waller will be busy capturing a group of super-villains. Maybe she is after Batman, but he is not found in the film, but mentioned and shown too in the footage. At the end of the script occurs a prison riot and many weird guys escape, including the Joker. The Joker has little part in the action until the end when he kills several people during the riot. If you watch the Suicide Squad full movie, there are lots to witness and talk about for weeks to come.

    Where Can I Obtain "Suicide Squad: The Album"?

    The Atlantic and Warner Bros label produces the music album. A feast of alternative rock and electronica, hip hop and indie rock, pop and pop rock, Suicide Squad: The Album also releases on August 5, the same date as the Suicide Squad full movie. Among the singles, Heathens was released on June 20 while Sucker for Pain reached listeners on June 20 this year. Purple Lamborghini is due on August 3. Wait until you hear the entire track listing that brings together several greats in 14 tunes. Watch suicide squad and enjoy the vibrant music and songs too.

    Did DC Cinematic Universe Pull This Off?

    Warner Bros had planned the release of two DC movies in 2016. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes first with appealing characters. Later in August comes Suicide Squad. While we are often used to mighty heroes annihilating villains, this story involves super-villains as major characters. You should watch suicide squad.


    The Suicide Squad has dominated the horizons of the DC Universe since the writer John Ostrander brought fresh life to the group in the 1980s. Suicide Squad deserves the limelight now in the DC Cinematic Universe. Watch suicide squad for sure.

    The Suicide Squad figured already in Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Assault on Arkham and Arrow. The debut in theaters will be the maiden venture for the group. Don’t miss out on the Suicide Squad full movie.

    What is Suicide Squad's Rating?

    As you watch suicide squad, the dark theme of super-villains may appear like an adult rating, but the film would probably earn a PG-13 rating. The recent DC cinema in 2016 entitled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also qualified for a child accommodating rating. Don’t forget to watch suicide squad. Look forward to sensations in plenty when the Suicide Squad full movie shows globally in the wonders of 3D and 2D in particular IMAX 3D theaters.

    Does Suicide Squad Play the Anti-Hero Game?

    While Rambo and The Godfather were super anti-hero classics, Pirates of the Caribbean has been grossing mighty fortunes recently. Darkman and Kick-Ass, Sin City and Spawn too are further movie greats. If animations attract you, Batman and Shrek, Avatar and Akira never stop scintillating.


    While you prepare to watch suicide squad, you could catch up with some movie history to know the amazing strides that anti-heroes have made amidst crime and hate. You would soon get to watch suicide squad online for those with difficulty in reaching movie theaters or obtaining DVDs.

    Who Directed Suicide Squad Full Movie?

    An accomplished action filmmaker, the most recent David Ayer film was FURY that depicts a Second World War drama, and the violence ridden police drama SABOTAGE. Ayer writes scripts too, like for The Fast and the Furious, Training Day and SWAT. Watch suicide squad for all the action and fantasy, humor and comedy combined.

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